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KEYMACRO is a utility that can help users to easily decode & encode files in the form of text files by automating their jobs without the use of an external application. It can convert files into text format, and vice versa.
The product is available in three forms, for both.NET, Java & COM.

Microsoft has designed Windows 7 with ease of use as the main goal. For this reason, Microsoft has presented many changes in the Windows 7 interface. The Start button which had been present in the Windows Vista interface and Windows XP has been replaced with the Windows 7 start menu. You can access Start by clicking on the Start button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

This start menu looks and functions a lot like the Windows XP start menu. One thing that has changed is that you can have multiple user profiles on your computer by clicking on the “Choose a user account” link. It opens the user accounts control panel which enables you to select which user profile you want to use when launching your computer.

Another difference is that the Windows 7 taskbar is also called the “task view” or the “task pane.” A user can access the task view by clicking on the “Task View” button located at the bottom right corner of the desktop. The task view also contains a collection of icons which can be clicked on and launched. It gives a window to all the open programs. You can switch between all the running programs by clicking on the program’s icon. You can also use the search box to find the programs you want to launch. You can easily find all the running programs by clicking on the start button, which opens up the start menu.

The “Hide all” option at the top right corner of the task view is similar to the “Close All” option in the Windows XP task view. Users can choose to hide all the running programs, except those from the designated program groups. These groups can be custom-created for programs that are frequently run together. The task view can also be customized with various themes.

Windows 7 also has a new desktop interface that is called the “desktop preview”. Clicking on the “Show Desktop” button at the bottom right corner of the screen will open the desktop preview in the background. Clicking on the “Start button” at the bottom left corner of the screen will open the start menu. You can switch to the 70238732e0

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Installed as a keyboard macro (KM) key in the keyboard. If it’s been pressed while the cursor is on the bottom right of the desktop, a comment will be left in the selection buffer.
KEYMACRO Installation Method:


Another tool for measuring time (clock) is Conky. A good explanation of this and other tools can be found here:


How to make a text file that can be read by Windows Calculator application?

I am using Windows Calculator application to read the contents of a text file.
I know how to read the contents of a text file and I know how to convert that text to number using some tools that I have on my PC. But I don’t know how to take that information and print it on the calculator screen. I want to do this using code in C or C++ or C#.


If you want to make it exact I would suggest you to use the Microsoft Windows API. Here’s a list of functions that you need.


Use this:

int main()
FILE *f = fopen(“test.txt”, “r”);
int v1, v2, v3;
char line[100];

if(fgets(line, sizeof(line), f)!= NULL)
v1 = atoi(line);
v2 = atoi(line);
v3 = atoi(line);
printf(“line[0]: %d line[1]: %d line[2]: %d
“, v1, v2, v3);


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