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Enables you to send email invitations to join Wiki.
Email delivery address:
User name:
Command line arguments:
–detach (Optional):
User name:
Email delivery address:
–detach :
User name:
Email delivery address:
1. You can execute any command line parameter in the order of “–detach,” “–email,” “–user,” “–password,” and “–delivery,” as needed.
System Requirements:
WebDAV support
xWiki.net account (required)

Ticket/Bug/Task Help:

GNU Affero GPL
Read the license text in the LICENSE file, or view it online:

XWiki – Copyright (c) 2004-2016 by XWiki Team
Jorrit Wiggers


Related projects

XWiki Standard – version 4.2.0 and later.
XWiki Community Edition – version 5.0.0 and later.
XWiki Enterprise Edition – version 7.1.0 and later.
How to install
Open ” 70238732e0

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PitchPerfect is a professional digital guitar tuner. It can read guitar string pitch using a microphone or an external soundcard. It can change guitar strings based on string length, scale, and fret position. It also has a feature to display guitar string pitch using sound samples from a.wav file or.mp3 file.

It has a built-in graphic display of guitar string pitch using 5 different tuner types: string length, scale, fret position, fretted sound, and open sound. Users can tune various guitars including: electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric basses, etc.
PitchPerfect can be used with a free microphone or using a computer’s built-in microphone. It has a built-in USB connection for guitars, and USB, computer audio, and MIDI interfaces.

-Dual-chain tuner: digital guitar tuner which uses a microphone and a soundcard.
-Guitar tuner: allows tuning of different string lengths and scales.
-Bass tuner: allows tuning of different fretted notes.
-Over 20 sound sample type: 12 standard sounds and 8 fret sounds.
-High quality sound sample: using best quality.wav and.mp3 samples.
-Fast rate: Fast rate option for managing memory.
-Bass adjustment: allows tuning using different basses.
-Import songs: import songs using.wav and.mp3 files.
-Built-in USB connection: for guitars.
-Built-in MIDI interface: for computers.
-Built-in MIDI cable: for computers.
-Built-in USB cable: for guitars.
-Remote control using MIDI: control tuner or view pitch display using MIDI controllers.
-Built-in VU meter: for guitars.
-Built-in virtual tuner: with built-in VU meter.
-Built-in software: for computers.
-Backlit display: for guitars.
-Built-in image viewer: for guitars.
-On-screen notes: can be displayed for guitars.
-Voice function: for computers.
-Guitar support file: for guitars.
-Bass support file: for basses.
-Instrument support file: for guitars and basses.
-Waveform display: for guitars and basses.
-Note search: allows finding of certain notes.
-Create a group: allows grouping of many objects.

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