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KEYMACRO is a powerful Mac and Windows clipboard manager that lets you store and manage any text or picture you copy or take from the web.
It supports Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad and other web applications, and manages up to 8,000 items with unlimited copy history.
KEYMACRO is very easy to use. You can add keycodes, URLs, images, text and OCR results directly into the clipboard manager. You can also use search keywords to find items in the clipboard history.
KEYMACRO provides eight views. The Quick View is a fast clip-paste panel where you can see a list of all items in the clipboard history.
The Card View displays the items in groups and you can add new items to these groups.
The List View lists all items in the clipboard history.
The View By Type lets you see all items by type, such as Text or URL.
The Drill Down View lets you see the full history of items for any kind of clip.
KEYMACRO can remember the files, images, websites, text and OCR results you copied or took from the web and you can even search your clipboard history by title, date, time, URL and text.
KEYMACRO is a great tool for making web searches easier. Just copy the link, paste it into your browser and the URL will be automatically added to your clipboard history.
KEYMACRO’s copied text can be searched and you can use “Find Next” to find the next match in your clipboard history.
KEYMACRO’s search and find functionality will save you tons of time.
KEYMACRO also has some useful built-in commands that you can use to easily copy text, images, websites or search results from your clipboard history.
KEYMACRO is the #1 Web Clipboard Manager.
KEYMACRO is a fast, easy-to-use and powerful clipboard manager.
Key Features:
1. Add Web Clipboard Items
You can copy text or images or any result you get from web applications.
2. Add Clipboard Items by Key Codes, URLs, Images, Text and OCR results.
You can easily add text, image, website, OCR results to the clipboard history by using the Key Code, URL, Image, Text or OCR button.
3. Add Multiple Items with Multiple Keycodes, URLs, Images, Text and OCR Results.
You can add multiple items at the same time to the clipboard history. 70238732e0

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“KeyMACRO” contains 24 hotkeys for the main “PDFActionReader” tool bar.
There are 6 functions in “KeyMACRO”. Users can assign Hotkeys to any combination of these 6 functions. Users can also define the order in which the 6 functions are displayed on the screen.
For example, users can assign Hotkey 1 to function “1” and Hotkey 2 to function “2”, then Hotkey 3 to function “3”, and Hotkey 4 to function “4” and Hotkey 5 to function “5”, etc… to name a few. Users also have the option to group these 6 functions into as many as 6 folders to make it easier to find a function they want, such as Hotkey 1 to function “1” and function “3” in the “tools” folder.
Please note, the only requirement for “KeyMACRO” is to be placed on a desktop shortcut which points to “PDFActionReader” folder.
How to setup:
■ Simply drag “PDFActionReader” folder onto the desktop, then right click on it and select “Create Shortcut”. In the “Create Shortcut” dialog box, select “Link to program or file” in the bottom right of the dialog box, point the shortcut to the correct “KeyMACRO” shortcut, and click ok to complete.
■ Users can now use the shortcut to open the “PDFActionReader” tool bar with all the functions displayed on the screen.
■ Hotkeys can be assigned directly from the “tools” folder in the “PDFActionReader” program folder.
Bundled KeyMACRO Sample Files
KeyMACRO Components:
■ “KeyMACRO” sample files.
■ All “KeyMACRO” sample files are also available for download on this page in “KeyMACRO” folder.
■ All “KeyMACRO” files are also available for download on this page in “KeyMACRO” folder.

What is a Mac Virus?

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