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1. Show hidden files: You can check the option to “Show hidden files” or not. The default setting is YES. But for security reason, It’s better to change it to NO. This help you to only open files that you expect to open.
2. Notepad: If you want to use Notepad as default editor for editing, you can open the settings dialog in “Options” – “General” – “Edit and continue”. Then, “Default text editor” will change to “Notepad”.
3. Allow executing in admin context: Change the setting of “Launch Difmetercli in admin context” to NO if you want it to only open in the normal user context. Default setting is YES.
4. Restore windows: Check or uncheck this setting to restore the original windows after exiting.
5. Always save: By default, “Save only if a difference is found” is enabled. Change the setting to always save.
6. Save as: You can choose a directory to save the results.
7. Enable auto start on login: If you don’t want to check the two files every time you log in, you can set the application to run automatically.
8. Turn on verbose mode: When “Save files on the fly” is enabled, you can set the verbose mode to on or off.
9. Check duplicates: You can choose to check if the files are identical.
10. Disable startup items: You can disable the startup items if you are not using a startup menu. It’s like “Startup” menu in windows.
11. Time format: You can set the application to automatically change the time format.
12. Change desktop icon: If you want to change the desktop icon, please set the “Change desktop icon” to Yes. The application will open and save the result into an icon file.
13. All or selected: It’s like “Select All” and “Select None” in Notepad. You can choose to show all files or only the files you select. Default setting is “All”.
Difmetercli Requirements:
– Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.
– Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later
– Movable to the computer and save files.
(These features are not available in Mac OS X 10.4.)
Difmetercli Downloads: 70238732e0

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How to create in-line JSON data in html without writing it as a string in Python?

I want to have data which is in-line JSON format in a Django template.
As far as I know, I can put the JSON data to the template as a string:
content = {‘somefield’:’somevalue’, ‘otherfield’:’someothervalue’}

{% render_json content %}

But I don’t want to do it. Is there any other method to achieve this?


In Django 1.6+ you can use the json template filter.
For example, you can use:
{% load json %}

{% json_detail content %}

In django-1.6.x you should use:
{% load json %}

{% json_detail content %}

in your template.
I will see if this is better than a string.


Django has improved on the handling of the rendering of json data. In django 1.8 (which I’m using right now) inlines are now valid.
If you have a string, you can use the ‘json’ filter to get it as a dictionary, if you need to.
from django.template import Library
from django.template.loader import render_to_string

register.filter(‘json_detail’, render_

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